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The Salt Cave

Walls and floor of pink Himalayan salt is an incredible, suggestive and above all healthy show.

The salt cave is one of the most recent discoveries about alternative medicine and natural cure for numerous diseases of the respiratory system; it is singular to define a method as "recent" which was already intuited in the mid of 1800 century by the Polish doctor Felix Boczkowski, starting from the theory that workersof the  salt quarry enjoyed a better state of health not only of the all other workers of the others mines, but also compared to the general average of the population.

At that time the beneficial effects of sea air on people's health were known, but no research had been carried out, also for the obvious limitations that science at the time presented, on the difference between positive iodine and negative iodine, or on the necessary concentration of particles of this element, to obtain an improvement of certain pathologies.

Today the salt caves are known in Europe and are starting to conquer America too. They are built to remember the environments of the salt mines in all its characteristics: beauty, grandeur and charm but also about beneficial effects thanks to the rock salt that is inspired and absorbed through the epidermis.