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The paths around Lake of Vico

The natural interest of the territory of the SEC, in addition to the presence of the Natural Reserve of Lake Vico and the Mountain Community Cimini offer the ability to walk, surrounded by nature, many paths of varying difficulty, on foot or by mountain bike.

Thanks to the recognition at Site of Community Interest (SCI) of Monte Cimino and Special Protection Area (SPA) of Vico Lake and the mountains Fogliano and Venus, within the territory of lush flora provides shelter to food to thousands of specimens animals of several species.

In addition, in order to receive more information on the natural wonders that this area offers, there are some facilities that are open to the pubblic, dedicated to the study and conservation of flora and fauna. In fact, within the territory of the Nature Reserve of Lake Vico include: the LabTer, which has as its purpose the promotion and enhancement of natural and cultural environment and education and civic education, conducting training services for schools, local communities and all tourists; the Birds of Prey Rescue Centre that deals with the care and rehabilitation of injured birds of prey and the preservation of endangered birds of prey.

The Apiary Learning deals with the promotion and development of beekeeping in the area as eco-friendly production activities, with demo days, seminars and technical meetings for beekeepers. It also organizes day with school children to learn about the world of bees, their products and the valuable contribution of this insect to agriculture and the environment to the smallest; inside there is also a botanical garden with painte bees.

Finally, for all Bird-watching lovers, within the territory of the Natural Reserve of Lake Vico there are some strategic points in order to observe the many species of birds living in the area. Among other species, the great crested grebe, the symbol of the Reserve, herons, egret, bittern, the water rail, the squacco heron, Black-necked Grebe and transfers it to thousands spend winter nights on the bank of willows and the reeds.