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 The Hammam

The hammam, also known as steam bath, is a heat bath in an room with a percentage of humidity ranging between 90 and 100% and a temperature ranging from 40° to 60° C.

The benefits of steam bath are innumerable: the humid heat favors the dilation of the blood vessels with consequent improvement of the circulation and the toxins and impurities of the skin are eliminated. All these benefits are amplified especially if exposure to the steam room is alternated with jets of cold water.

To obtain maximum benefits from the steamh bath, the session is divided into various phases: the first phase involves a stay inside of about 15 minutes, after then it is good to take a fresh shower to reactivate the circulation and then immerse yourself in the jacuzzi to a few minutes, continue with a second passage in the steam room for another 15 or 20 minutes and at the exit to have a fresh shower followed by a bath. The treatment is completed with a relaxation phase of at least 30 minutes.

Finally, to maximize the benefits obtained, a body massage would be indicated.

The steam bath hasn't particular contraindications, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases should avoid it.