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The Finnish Sauna

One of the best known and oldest thermal processes is the Finnish sauna. It is a wooden cabin, usually fir or poplar wood with benches on which to relax and enjoy the benefits of the dry heat.

Inside the sauna there is always a stove on which lava stones are placed which have the function collect heat and redistribut it in the cabin. From time to time, water can be thrown onto the stones, perhaps enriched with balsamic essences, which evaporating instantly causes the cabin temperature to increase by a few degrees. The times of the sauna are slow, that's why inside there is an hourglass. Those who enter the sauna must be able to relax, without having to check the passing of the minutes, the hourglass is used just to signal the expiry of time. The maximum benefits are obtained by making two steps, interspersed with a shower and a relaxing break. The temperature of the sauna is around 80° C.

The first few times it is better not to exceed 10 minutes of staying inside the cabin, avoid spilling water on the stones and when getting up it is best to do it very slowly. Once out, it is necessary to take a fresh shower to normalize body temperature and reactivate circulation, and wrapped in a towel or in a bathrobe, you can give yourself a moment of relaxation, lying down, for about fifteen or twenty minutes. With the skin completely dry, you go inside the sauna for the second step, repeating the same procedure as the first time. During relaxation, or generally after a sauna, it is very important to drink water, herbal teas or fruit juices, necessary to reintegrate the lost liquids and mineral salts. The sauna helps improve metabolism.

The benefits are innumerable: the skin becomes more elastic and luminous, the heat promotes relaxation and helps night sleep, improves blood and lymphatic circulation and increases resistance to atmospheric agents such as heat and cold, wind and smog.

There are no particular contraindications, but it is not recommended for those suffering from hypertension, lung or heart disease.