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The Emotional Shower

It is a shower but very different from the usual!

Water, with all its benefits, is exploited to maximum thanks to scents of the essences and colors of the lights used in combination with the various jets of water. All this will make the shower a moment of extreme well-being for body and spirit.

As you can guess from the name, the shower must excite, and to live it to the fullest it is necessary to free your mind from all daily commitments, from the accumulated stress and take time to devote to yourself.

The shower will excite you and give your body a widespread wellbeing, made of harmony, relaxation and contentment of the psyche, and at the same time it will help detoxify the skin from toxins present in our body, giving it a velvety and soft feeling. At the same time, blood circulation will also be improved and activated, which will bring benefits to the whole body, including muscles.