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SPA etiquette

Some simple rules to fully enjoy the SPA without disturb for a total wellbeing.

  • Before access to wet area is required to take a shower;
  • It is absolutely forbidden to enter into the wet area with the body covered with creams, oils or makeup;
  • It is absolutely forbidden to enter into the Spa with shoes or sandals;
  • It is absolutely forbidden to seat on the sauna on in the steam bath or soak in the jacuzzi with the slippers; 
  • It is mandatory to wear a swimsuit; 
  • In the jacuzzi is mandatory to wear a swim cap; 
  • It is forbidden the use of soap, shampoo and blade inside the SPA area; 
  • The doors of sauna and steam bath should always be closed to ensure the correct temperature and to prevent heat dispersion; 
  • It is mandatory to use the towel provided in the seat of sauna, steam bath, salt cave and relaxation room;
  • To access to the SPA is required the certificate of good health. The entrance is not recommended for those suffering of circulatory systems deseases, heart attack, pacemaker wearer and all of those sufering of infectius diseases; 
  • The entrance to minors is only allowed if they are accompanied by an adult who who takes responsibility for it;
  • It is not possible to use own towel and bathrobe. Our staff will provide to give you, at the entrance of the wellness centre a SPA kit; 
  • At the end of wellness path the SPA kit must be returned to our staff;
  • At the end of any wellness path all the SPA area will be checked and sanitized by our staff.

For all the rules do not specify, please refer to those of common sense and good manners.