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History and Tourism:

Center of great tourist attraction, thanks to the many works of art and the beautiful and picturesque location. Its origins are Etruscan, evidenced by a necropolis and some artifacts. Become a common Roman and disappears in the sixth century. Is conquered and lost several times by the Byzantines and the Goths, to be occupied by the Lombards. Enter then in the Papal States until the unification of Italy.

Things to see:

Interesting the Church of St. Andrew and the Duomo. To remember are the famous well of St. Patrick, the Papal Palace and the Museum Emilio Greek, the rock of Orvieto, Orvieto Underground. A few kilometres from the city center lies the Etruscan necropolis and surreal villages and tuffaceous Civita Bagnoregio, the latter the birthplace of St. Bonaventure.

How to reach from Sans Spucis Relais & Spa:

Via A1 / E35- distance of 73.9 km - drive time 1h and 15 min.