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The celebrations in Ronciglione start on 09 February, and are repeated over the weekend, until the February 25 on Shrove Tuesday.

It was born from the Roman and Baroque Carnival, the first documents about this event date back to 130 years ago.

The event presents various shows related to the town's history like the Cavalcata degli Ussari, i Nani Rossi e il Corso di Gala.


The city is divided into 9 scuderie (stables) with different colors and flags, which in the past competed for the "Palio della Manna".

The cavalcade of the Ussari

The origins of this tradition date back to the times of Pope Paul III Farnese (1465).

A group of knights dressed in 19th century costumes embark on a ride through the streets of the village, which recalls the period of French domination. Legend has it that a captain of the French hussars, stationed in Ronciglione in defense of the Papal States, fell in love with a beautiful lady, to show off in front of his eyes paraded several times at the head of his dragons, thus giving rise to tradition.




Download here the carnival program.