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History and Tourism

Grotte di Castro is a typical center of Etruscan origin located not far from Lake Bolsena on a cliff of Volsini. Its foundation dates back to the Middle Ages, when the inhabitants of Civita who escaped the destruction of the city took refuge on the tufa rock where he was built Caves. Today the town is distinguished for its healthiness, the beauty of the landscape, the beautiful village and the famous potatoes of the area that are the basis of many local dishes.

Grotte di Castro then boasts numerous Etruscan ruins and a historic center that boasts of palaces and churches left by a past that has seen moments of great splendor. The town of Grotte di Castro stands where once stretched Tyre, the ancient city of which no trace remains, but that was a very important Etruscan center for its activities and the degree of civilization that distinguished her. At the time of persecution against Christians subsoil became a network of catacombs, the "caves" that give the city its name. After the Roman domination shot was taken by the Lombards, but the inhabitants survived the barbaric invasion built a new center called Castle Caves. In 1100 Matilda of Canossa gave the town to the Papacy which was contested by Orvieto soon, but basically it was almost always the Church to dominate the political scene of Caves except nell'interegno Farnese that accorparono the town to the Duchy of Castro.


Things to see

The best way to visit the natural heritage of Grotte di Castro is definitely riding along one of the paths that touch the most beautiful and rich from the point of view of history in the area, for example, starting from Santa Cristina. Among the beauties of the place there are the Etruscan necropolis in addition to numerous destinations reachable just departing from the city. In the center there is the Collegiate Church of St. John the Baptist and St. Mary's Basilica SS of Suffrage, one of the most beautiful churches of Lazio. Between Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany near Grotte di Castro is Santa Cristina, a beautiful town that is renowned for its ancient castle of the seventeenth century, built on a spur of tufa in the woods. Santa Cristina is an ideal starting point for artistic itineraries and naturalistic as well as horse riding in the surroundings of the castle. Fascinating and charming are the horse rides organized along paths through a wild beauty and pristine landscapes of Alta Tuscia. Equestrian tourism is definitely a way to explore the area round about Grotte di Castro particularly adventurous, ideal for those who know how to ride a horse. Among the possible routes is the one that goes from the castle of Santa Cristina to the hills of Maremma, on the border between Lazio and Tuscany. Onto a dirt road between two rows of hills covered with woods and then a dirt road you come to the forest of Onano then plateau of Latera. On the way back down until you get to a place where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Bolsena, then return to the castle through the old road of brigands. Another destination of pilgrimages can be the medieval church of St. Mary of the Columns or Lake Mezzano.

How to reach from Relais Sans soucis & Spa

Through SP8 - distance of 64.2 km - drive time 1h and 15 min.