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History and Tourism:

The city of Cerveteri, called Ceravetus, it 'was one of the most important cities of Etruria has its roots in the Bronze Final IX - VII century. B.C. . The current town occupies a small part of the tufa plateau, defended by the rivers of the ditch truncheons and Mola, where once stood the village of greek Agylla which was initially founded the Etruscan town of Ceisra, and then the Roman Caere.
The great archaeological heritage, represented by the Necropolis of Banditaccia and Monte Abatone, testifies to a fervor citizen extremely refined and dynamic. If the burial areas are so grandiose in scope and quality of exhibits, imagine what could be the configuration of the "city of the living."
The cemeteries of the most ancient period with the shaft tombs are located in the resort Sorbo and Cava of pozzolana. In the past especially active was the art of coroplastica (clay artifacts) as evidenced by the magnificent sarcophagus of the couple found in Cerveteri and now housed in Rome in the National Museum of Villa Giulia. The creative genius of man is the necropolis of Banditaccia, covers an area of 45 acres, but only 12 vistabili limited to the area called "area of the enclosure with about two thousand graves.

Things to see:

The district is extraordinarily valuable archaeological thanks to the presence of many Etruscan necropolis rich tombs, sarcophagi, capitals and historical and anthropological. Not to be missed is the National Museum which houses Cerite and recounts what has been the evolution of Etruscan history of the region. It 'a museum in which the historical identity of the Etruscan emerges in all its glory. Among the many prominent necropolis remember the most famous: the Necropolis of Banditaccia. Interesting to visit is the Castle of the Middle Ages; the church of St. Mary and the Renaissance Palazzo Ruspoli and finally the Rock.

Things to buy:

Reproductions of the Etruscans, Wines.

How to reach from Sans Soucis Relais & Spa:

By SS493 and SP 4 / a - distance of 52.3 km, drive time 60