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History and Tourism

Capranica is located between the mountains and the hills Sabatini Cimini on a tuff dominating the Cassia. While in ancient times they used the nearby consular road to get there today is the railway line Orte-Capranica- Civitavecchia, known for its route that winds through rugged territory, amid a pristine area.

The old town, rural churches and those towns, events and festivals, its history to be rediscovered walking in the places where are the traces of the past, all in Capranica invites you to stay and watch. The strategic position, dominating the only internal linking southern Etruria with the central one made of Capranica an important hub in antiquity to the Middle Ages. The ruins of the abbey that was built in the city, now called "The Towers of Orlando", are one of the testimonies of the ancient glories. No coincidence Capranica was the home of Petrarch, hosted the lordship of Anguillara, patrons and lovers of the arts, while waiting to be crowned in the Capitol.


Things to see:

The ancient city is the old town enclosed within the Old Castro, the castle of the Anguillara now derelict. Is accessed from the Porta del Ponte, dominated by a large clock under a bell tower. Entering is easy to get lost among the narrow streets that are woven together in a maze of arches, steep stairways and narrow alleys and squares. In the old town there are the Romanesque churches of San Francisco and Santa Maria over the collegiate Disan John, while just outside the town is the Madonna of Tears. More small and unadorned but definitely impressive are the rural churches in the area to visit if you are in for a ride in the hills. Capranica is surrounded by forests of hazelnut, chestnut, elm and oak trees from the mountains into the valley. A tip: do not miss the feast of August 16 Strozzapreti, typical local dish, and since we're worth staying for the next two days when the Palio dei Rioni. Duels (without a fight!) Between swordsmen who perform in the square, costume parades of 1300, knightly tournaments: all is the setting for grabs.

What to Buy:

Hazelnuts, chestnuts, Sheep Cheese

How to reach from Sans Soucis Relais & Spa:

Through Provincial Road 87 / SP87 and SR2 - distance of 11.6 km - drive time 15 min.