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History and Tourism:

The little village lies on a ridge of tuff, at 263 metres above sea level, gathered around the Orsini palace, rebuilt in the early sixteenth century and designed by Baldassare Peruzzi, by Corrado Orsini and his son Pier Francesco, said Close. The spur on which the old town, then juts on 'depression that concludes with the "Park of Monsters". The palace and the complex of buildings was built from '500, reusing part of the remains of an ancient castle, probably dating from 1100, and well you notice the signs of the following actions: consists of two bodies tied together by a series of large terraces, on which
are suggestive scenic accommodations.

Things to see:

Inside Palazzo Orsini, now the Town Hall, in the boardroom are once admirably frescoed by Baroque painter Lorenzo Berrettini da Cortona (1660-1662), depicting The Triumph of peace over war. From the terraces and windows ranges gaze upon a panorama of rare beauty and below "Sacred Wood". In a warehouse of Orsini palace are also sculptures of the museum that houses more than 100 sculptures of hyperspace Attilio Pierelli, made from 1960 to date, including: the Hypercube, the surface cusp, The "Sacred Wood", better known as "park of Monsters", is 1km from the town and is located in the hillside below the castle, in a large park boundaries irregular. The author of this unusual creation, made of an original set of statues, gardens, buildings and sculptures, made in the second half of the sixteenth century (1552-1580), was Pier Francesco Orsini, scholar, leader and eclectic character of the Italian Renaissance.

How to reach from Sans Soucis Relais & Spa:

Through Provincial Road 1 / SP1 - distance of 32.2 km - drive time 41 min.