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History and Tourism

The history of this center, in the southern slope of Tuscia, comes from far away, probably from sec.aC VIII, when they gathered in one pagus the surrounding villages, already active in the Iron Age. The period of greatest expansion dates back to the Etruscans who made Blera one of the most important cities of southern Etruria.

In ancient times it was called Phlera, in the Roman period and in the Middle Ages became Blera which is the current name since 1952. The country is located in one of the most rugged southern Etruria, an authentic wild west characterized by patches, hills, valleys used for grazing where do long gallops during which it is unlikely to come across ancient Etruscan burial cave from the golden color of the tuff. The town looks like a town-fortress between the two streams Biedano and Rio Channel that cross under the bridge Etruscan - Roman, survived two thousand years of history, which stands out against the landscape.
Surprising attitude of the vast necropolis surrounding the current town. Geoge Dennis, an English traveler of the Grand Tour, you wonder, in the nineteenth century, the order "urban" with which the graves were well aligned in the rock mass. The most spectacular is the tomb of the Sphinx (found in 1932 with the remains of a sphinx) consists of two rooms, four beds in the first and three in the second.

Things to see:

the Horse Museum, section within the Museum named after Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. Surely the old town of Brera is very impressive with its portals, windows, coats of arms, the walls and the architectural details of each era that give the idea of the continuity of city life over the centuries. To see, the parish church dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption and St. Vivenzio.
Drinks are the two necropolis of Pian del Vescovo and "La Casetta-the Terrone" freely accessible.

Things to buy:

Extra virgin olive oil, goat cheese.

How to reach from Sans Soucis Relais & Spa:

Through SR2 and Provincial Road 41 / SP41 distance of 20.7 km, drive time 27 min.