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History and Tourism:

Home to St. Bonaventure (1217-74) and the writer Bonaventura Tecchi, (1896-1968), Bagnoregio located on the north-east of Viterbo at an altitude of 484 m slm. The ancient "Balneum Regis", name that is derived from the thermal waters in the area. It was the first possession of the Church, then of Orvieto and finally became a fief of Monaldeschi. In the past, landslides and mudslides have forced the residents to leave the area called "Civita", moved on to more solid tuff cliff where today stands the most of the town. Porta Albana, through which you enter the country, is attributed to Vignola. Civita di Bagnoregio, which is the original village of the town, stands on top of a hill eroded tuff now in its perimeter areas. La Civita is perched like a castle and impressive is the image it presents. La Civita has its origins in Etruscan times, although its greater development and flourishing in the Middle Ages knew him. Civita is also known as the "dying city" because of the important erosion the tufa rock undergoes daily. Few now are the people that live there and great is its charm

Things to see:

The best way to appreciate Civita di Bagnoregio is a walk through its narrow streets quiet and contemplate the beauty. Do not miss the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, 1581: richly frescoed inside are exposed to the Bible of St. Bonaventure, a native of this country, and the Holy Arm, reliquary of French art of the fifteenth century. The cathedral houses the Civita Town Hall, with a fine bell tower. Other highlights include the Palazzo De Dominaci-De Azevedo and very nice is also the church of St. Augustine (or the Annunciation), from the original Romanesque subsequently turned into Gothic in the fourteenth century. Here are four frescoes - and sixteenth a beautiful wooden crucifix of the eleventh century. Near the church is the Museum "Piero Taruffi" with documents and memorabilia related to the figure of the famous pilot, not native to these areas. Through a tree lined boulevard leads to the Belvedere from which you can admire a beautiful view with the vision almost "lunar" of Civita di Bagnoregio in the foreground.

How to reach from Sans Spucis Relais & Spa:

Through Provincial Road 6 / SP6 - distance of 44.6 km - drive time 53 min.